DPL/IPL Portable Laser

RENTAL $1250.00 per month
$1250 monthly rental fee $3000 deposit



DPL/IPL is proprietary hair remov- al, skin rejuvenation method used in clinics around the world with global brand recognition.

Purchase Price $39,950.00


01 Hair Removal

02 Skin rejuvenation

03 Pigment therapy

04 Vascular therapy

05 Acne treatment


01 Real sapphire

02 1 million shots

03 Spot size 10*50mm

04 Filtrate dual wavelengths


A high repetition rate of single pulses is delivered dermis.

Hair follicles absorb energy and increase dermis to the target temperature.

Achieving high eve- nly energy repetition and effective heat build-up.

What is DPL/IPL?

DPL is a new technology of permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation which is having a sweeping success. At the same time, DPL offers a stronger yet gentler solution. The spectrum of intense pulsed light is compressed in 640nm - 750nm, and the ratio of melanin absorption rate and penetration depth is guaranteed at the same time, which is used for the treatment of hair removal. Its particular 530nm - 750nm narrow-spectrum light can simultaneously generate photothermal photochemical effects, rearrange collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part, and restore skin elasticity, and make skin smooth, delicate and flexible.


01 Technology

  • OPT / AFT: Keep every pulse same, replace traditional sharp triangle output mode make the penetration depth more uniform, and patients more comfortable
  • Filtrate the double wavelengths: 530nm- 750nm; 640nm- 750nm Make the wavelength much purer, more effctive and painless
  • DPL is a more precise narrow-spectrum light skin rejuvenation tech- nology, which greatly improves photothermal selectivity and comfort.

02 Interface

  • In motion working mode ,1-10HZ to save time
  • Two working mode: In-Motion & Stamp meet wider demand, more professional
  • The software is easy to operate

Return on Investment

Treatment Area Price
Hair removal Armpit 100 USD
Skin rejuvenation Whole Face 120 USD
Pigment therapy Half Face 150 USD
Vascular therapy Half Face 120 USD
Acne treatment Whole Face 110 USD

Before & After


Dr. Maria Sepulveda

"our customers are pleased with the results of the SHR machine."

Eduardo Montelongo, Md

"it's so powerfull, professional and the cool system works fantastiv."

Helen Smith, MD

"SHR in not painful due to the excellent isolation of the thermal effects in the tissue surrounding the follicle.


Cibtrikker 10" TFT true color LCD desplay (24bits for color)
Output power 2000w
Frequency 1-10Hz
RF energy 1- -50J/inch2
DPL energy SHR: 1-15J/inch2 E-LIGHT: 1-50J/inch2
Number of pulse SHR: 1T (single pulse) E-LIGHT: 1-6T(multi pulses)
RF delay SHR: 1-100MS E-LIGHT: 1-500MS
Wavelength 640nm-950nm; 530nm- -950nm
Number of handpiece 2pcs
Spot size 10*50mm
Program languages Spanish,Turkish,English,Russian etc
Cooling system semiconductor+ air + water + cooling gel
Skin cooling <0-10°C
Dimension of machine 40*46*60inch
Dimension of package 66*66*62inch
N.W. 32lbs
G.W. 50lbs
Voltage 220V / 110V
Package aluminum alloy case

DPL Portable Laser