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Rental program

Exodus Lasers Distributor, Inc.


We’re more than a Rental program

Let Exodus Lasers help to build your business.Rather you’re just starting and don’t have the huge capital or look to expand and just can’t seem to get enough upfront.

The Exodus rental program will help make it easy to get you started and keep you going, with the finest cosmetic laser available without having to absorb the financial burden of ownership.


Our rental program is the perfect opportunity for you to get a cosmetic laser, with low monthly payments, to offer your clients comprehensive laser treatment and the flexibility to invest in other aspects of your business.

Facts about buying and renting

There are lots of frequently asked questions when it comes to purchasing your spa laser equipment. If you’re running a cosmetic practice, you’ll need a high-quality laser device. Aesthetic Lasers are used for many different cosmetic procedures that can improve people’s appearance. With that said, lasers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Different types of lasers are calibrated with different procedures in mind. Before renting or purchasing a laser, you’ll have to determine what kind of laser procedure your practice will specialize in. There are a number of things you’ll want to consider as you work to determine which choice would benefit you the most.
Whether you decide to rent your laser or opt to purchase it, you will need to be prepared to part with some cash. If you rent your laser through Exodus Lasers, you will pay less upfront but will have to continue to make payments over time. This has advantages over traditional rental programs. Because rental payments tend to be lower than traditional financing with higher interested rates, you’ll be able to see a profit very quickly. With that said, you will own your Exodus Laser Platform if you sign a 26-month agreement with no additional purchase fees at the end of the rental program.  Naturally, there are downsides to purchasing a machine as well. You’ll have to pay quite a bit of money upfront. It’s normal to pay upwards of $100,000 for a new medical laser device. In addition, you will have to think about the cost of repairs. Even the highest quality machines need maintenance and repairs on occasion. The cost of those repairs will have to come out of your pocket. If you can’t afford to repair your machine immediately, you might wind up having to cancel appointments with clients. 
Purchasing a laser can be extremely costly, but you don’t necessarily have to buy a brand new laser. You could see quite a bit of saving if you opt to purchase a used machine. If you buy a used laser, it won’t take as long for you to see a return on your investment. Of course, you might see a profit sooner than you think. When you own a laser, you will be able to offer procedures as frequently as you would like. You won’t be limited the way you would be with a rental laser. Owning a laser will give you and your clients a lot more flexibility. Compare the perks to the drawbacks, and decide which option is the best fit for your cosmetic practice. A laser will benefit your practice in a number of ways. Whether you buy a new laser, purchase an old one, or rent your laser, you should be pleased with the choice you make.

Rent to Own Made Simple

Let Exodus offer you a Rent To Own program that is the simplest in the business. 1. Rent any laser for 28 consecutive months without any late payments and at the end of the 28 months. The laser is yours. No more payments or additional cost.
2. We will buy back any laser after the 28 months at 50% of the total rental amount and apply it to any new device from Exodus you would like to purchase or do another Rent To Own program.
3. All Rent To Own lasers are covered under warranty for 1 Year.

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