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Exodus Lasers preferred trainer | Don Berryhill

Don Berryhill began working in the OR with surgical lasers 1994.  Moved into the newly emerging field of cash-based aesthetic lasers in 1996 with the company that introduced the first intense-pulsed light system on the market.  

Since that time have worked for several different laser companies in sales, marketing, and training.  Operated a variety of lasers and developed a good sense of how they work and what each one is best at.  
Have been in hundreds of medical offices and had thousands of conversations with physicians and staff regarding medical lasers and related devices.  Have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t regarding the treatments themselves and marketing efforts to increase patient traffic.  

Most physicians don’t have time to become experts on the “business” of lasers.  My focus is to use my years of experience in this industry to help physicians and their staff maximize the use of their equipment to get the best results and improve marketing efforts to generate more business.

Have trained on diode HR lasers since 2013.  Worked for the company that introduced the first “in-motion” diode laser system.

Don Berryhill – Owner of LASER COACH | Advanced Medical Laser Coaching

Authorized Distributor and Service Provider